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Vengeance 2000 white noise


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I was happy when my corsair V 2000 arrived today but my happyness came to soon. I have an unbearable static noise that's always present whenever I launch any program that uses audio... Teamspeak , skype, win media , any video... The volume is set to 6% so it's not that. I've tried it on my laptop and the problem persists. Any advice here? I'm very sad to receive a product that doesn't work, especially after paying so much for it.


Win 7 pro OS

I have the latest driver ... restarted... everything. Even went over audio settings with a friend who has the same headset but doesn't have the static noise problem, our settings are the same as far as we can tell. I don't know what to do, hoping it doesn't have to come to asking for a refund, paying to ship it back etc... more time waiting.


Thanks in advance

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