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Hi! I've had a hard time getting through to support, so I figured I'd see if I could get it moving a little faster here.


Basically, my Corsair Raptor M30 has been acting up, so I made a support ticket. (Look under in the quote to see.)


Hi! My mouse (Raptor M30) has been doing this weird thing for awhile now. (Not too long though, since the mouse isn't that old)


Whenever I scroll, it seems to jump back. So, for example, when I'm selecting weapons in a game, it may jump from Slot 1 to Slot 3, and then back to Slot 1, all while moving the wheel once. It's not just games that are affected, it's also my Internet Browser, Word... basically EVERYTHING.


Hopefully you can help! Also, I couldn't find the part # on the pre-set list, so I picked the closest sounding thing.


When I was setting up the ticket, I couldn't find the product number for the Raptor M30 (The product # for it is CH-9000042) in the pre-set list, so I chose the one that sounded the closest.


Now, the RMA request went through, and I got a shipping label to send my mouse back with, however... I just wanted to MAKE SURE that the product that I'll be getting back IS a Raptor M30, and not something else.


I made a comment on the ticket, but I'm not sure if the support team can read them, or not, so I figured I'd turn to the Help forums.


Hopefully you can help! -Narniashark

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