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Loyal Customer. Love the brand, spend the money, and I'm getting screwed. Frustrated!


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I am a avid Corsair customer. I speak highly of your products as I only use Corsair products for all my builds and my customers/friends builds. I've spent thousands of $'s on authorized retailers in Canada. But I am so frustrated with the most current events in Corsair and I need to let you know.


Just to show you what I have for my own personal use on my current rig

PSU: AX1200i

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16gig 1600 2x8 Low Profile

Audio: Corsair Vengeance 1500 headset

Keyboard: Corsair K90

Fans: Corsair AF140mm x 6


I've purchased over X amount of $ from Corsair and I still believe to this date that its the best product and performance for a reasonable price.


One thing that strikes me is one of there core 5 values is customer service. I'm so livid as i'm i the customer service industry myself as a professional.


Having said that.......


I purchased online from the main Corsair page: CH-8970013 (FPS Backlit Key Caps, Key cap puller, and Palm rest) on 09/28/2013.


I could not purchase at Canadian retailer because they do not sell it. The item alone only cost $14.99, standard shipping cost $15.00!


Yes my shipping is more then my key caps. But i wanted it to compliment my system.


Shipment came in yesterday morning after a week and I was like a kid opening a Christmas present for the first time. I haven't been so excited in so long. My system would finally be complete.


I quickly opened the package and was sorely disappointment. Only thing that came in the shipment after a week was the Q, Z, key caps and palm rest. Knowing already that I can't use the Palm rest, I paid $40+ CDN for 2 key caps. (missing A,W,S,D, 1,2,3,4,5,6 and they key cap tool)


I contacted customer Corsair yesterday and waited on hold for 25min. I finally got someone and they told them of my situation with my order #. She rudely stated that I have to contact Harold who is the Web Store Specialist and he wont be in for another hour and he would contact me as soon as he came in. Not impressed. Ok, no problem, she's having a bad day and Harold's shift I assumed for the benifit of doubt that he starts later in the day.


I waited for over an hour, which is not a big deal since I was at work. Still no answer I contacted Harold at ext 270. He knew nothing about the case. I had to tell him everything all over again. He put me on hold and came back a few minutes later telling me that he will be sending out a new shipment but he needs to contact his product/shipping department to ensure that its not a problem with the packaging department. Regardless, an issue with the packaging department should not effect the customer.


Harold said he would contact me back within 3 hours to confirm. NO CALL back. At this point I'm frustrated but I can only imagine that he must be busy. So I tired contacting again. NO answer. I left a message to contact me back. NO answer. Its been another day and still have yet to hear from Corsair and/or Harold regarding my product.


I got NO apologies, I was treated like a 2nd class citizen, and still NO response yet.


Its only $40 CDN, its only KeyCaps its only been a week, but its the principle that matters when they state specifically that one of there core Values is customer service that I've heard over and over again while waiting for customer service.


Its the trust in the brand that I've committed myself to. I have nothing against Corsair, Harold, or the guest representative that was assisting me.


But i'm frustrated at the whole situation. I'm venting in hope that someone will actually care and get my parts that I paid fully and ordered for and for it to be expedited. Not wait another week for a response, and another week for shipment to arrive.


This is not Trolling. I can prove all my purchases and also with the latest key cap purchase. I again love the brand for the performance and quality.


But this last incident really frustrates me.


I need assistance.






No replies from anyone just as I thought. No call from Corsair either. I called in myself again to inquire whats happening with my case. Asked me if I had a reference#. What reference#?!?!? Corsair is suppose to call me back. Need to give them my order# again......Finally got a case# 1296728.


Corsair stated that another shipment has been sent out but there are no guarantees that the correct contents will be in the package. Have no tracking #, no email sent to me for confirmation that another order has indeed been sent out.


Paid money for whats going to be 3 weeks for a shipment that may be missing the same components as it could be a packing error. NO confirmation on why main components of my order are missing. No apologies, no compensation, nothing but "another order has been sent out but there are no guarantees" + the fact that there is no concrete information that another order has been sent out at all.


You think they would take down the parts off the website seeing they are unsure of packaging/products contents and re-post the product once everything is ironed out.


I "was" an advocate customer. These are the customers you don't want to loose. Computer parts go by word of mouth and referrals from customers like me that truly believe that this is the best products to use. As a builder I trust my builds based on quality and performance of parts from manufacturers like Corsair. I like to stick to one brand as it brings conformity. Any builders reputation is with the mercy of the manufacturers.


That's why I think its important to bring awareness to the community. Great quality, great performance, decent pricing, would I buy again and use again for my next build or my customers builds?


Not anymore.


Its the principle that gets under my skin. 8year + customer for all PSU, RAM, FANS, and computer peripherals, I will have to look elsewhere. I'm agitated to actually have top end components from Corsair on my build. Can't stand looking at the brand every time I use my computer.


Not one representative has stepped up and I'm sorely disappointment. Great products alone will not sustain business.


Case# 1296728 if anyone cares.



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  • Corsair Employees

We're really sorry about this whole ordeal. I've spoke to Harold and he will refund the purchase price for you. The replacement kit should've shipped out last night. We hope to serve you better in the future.


Thank you.

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Ram_Guy and Harold.


I have received the email. I apologize if I came across rude/upset. That is not my intention.


Thank you for taking the correct steps.


The response is more then fair and i thank the both of you including Corsair for the prompt response today.


Corsair is still my only source of PSU's, RAM, and computer Peripherals.


Although delayed, I'm a 100% satisfied customer.


I'll let Harold know when the shipment arrives and see if all parts are there this time.


Kind Regards,

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Ram_Guy and Harold,


Thank you for the insanely quick shipment. That was unexpected. I was thinking it would be another week. One day delivery is astounding.


I have received the contents of my order and all correct parts are in the packaging.


I thank you both again for taking this matter and correcting my original complaint.


Corsair has redeemed themselves respectively.


Quick Question, You noted that I would get back full reimbursement, I still have not received the amount I paid for back to my Credit Card. When should I be expecting this?



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