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Can I have this H80i Set Up exhaust air instead of intake?


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Pic of current setup http://oi40.tinypic.com/ehn1wh.jpg


Case Corsair 600t


1. Corsair H80i Currently - Intaking air

2. TOP Bitfenix 200x200x20mm - Exhausting

3. Gtx 780 ACX Cooling - Zero to no hot air pushed out back, instead sent into case with acx cooler

4. FRONT Bitfenix 200x200x25mm - Intake (Case Dust Filter)

5. Corsair 800 GS PSU - Exhausting hot air (This fan rarely spins up unless really stressing the system)




1. Is this the best possible set up without adding more fans to the side panel?


2. Should I set the H80i up to exhaust air instead? (One reason I would want do this would be to avoid it sucking in dust (I have tried using a demiflex dust filter on it but it restricts airflow threw the rad so removed it, currently no dust filter on that)


3. The front fan moves a lot of air, the top fan as its only 20mm model moves some air but not as much as the front fan.


4. The gtx 780 pushes hot air into the case, almost no air is exhausted out the back of case with this card.



What can I do to get better airflow/cooling and avoid the dust problem also.

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The H80i should be placed on exhaust because setting it as intake will just blow all the dust from outside directly into the radiator. It can also make it louder due to the honeycomb mesh


your setup is a bit off as your case does not have positive pressure. If you do not care about dust build up then this is fine but the PSU should be flipped over so the fan faces down, this also places the 24 pin cable closer to the motherboard making cable routing look neater. The top fan should be set to intake as it will just take all the air from the h80i if the cooler is set to exhaust

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Everyone has there favorite way and depending on the setup most work. I have a lot of animals (dust/hair) so I run as many intake fans as I can, filtered by demciflex. Then rads are exhaust, this keeps a good positive pressure and I have little to no dust/hair in the case.


When running negative pressure I had to blow out the case every six weeks, with positive it's still clean after 9 months. I have to clean filters every ten days or so.

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