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Hi folks,


Liking the K95 so far, backlighting is nice and the aluminium parts are great, had a wobbly unit but the twist trick seems to have resolved it.


I do have one major gripe with it though; I can see no method to control which keys are backlit through software, only through entering configuration mode on the keyboard. Ideally, I'd like to change this through software which would open the possibility of writing a small program that monitors for certain applications to run, then changing which keys are backlit based on that, i.e. - you're playing Battlefield or whatever and W, A, S and D light up, then you quit and need to do some work on a spread sheet; you load Excel and the numpad lights up and the W, A, S and D keys return to unlit.


I know you can have three profiles on the keyboard but that's not quite ideal.


Is this possible with the hardware? Could it be patched in to the drivers? Or is the backlight configuration only possible through hardware due to a physical limitation in the keyboard?


I noticed you could change backlight profiles through the drivers, so I had some hope this is something that could be possible in the future through driver changes.

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