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Raptor K50, lights NOT changing color


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Hey all, I just bought a raptor k50, and installed the software/drivers/ updated firmware. This is the WEIRDEST software for a keyboard i have ever encountered. There is no "okay" or " confirm" button i guess? just cancel and close... and you can't close the program entirely in any way except thru task manager...


Anyways, all those things aside, my backlights WILL NOT change color, I went into the backlight settings multiple times and changed the color... They never change, what am I doing wrong?? Honestly, I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, and that the software or firmware is just not working. The backlights do go on, and they randomly changed from white to red when I plugged it in, so I know they can change...


Can anyone help me? I'm going to call support tomorow, but If I can't get this fixed by tomorow night, I'll just return this keyboard and buy a razer, or probably a logitech. Thanks in advance if you can help. Bye

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