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Corsair 2000 and Creative SB x-fi


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Ok, if someone can help with this,that would be great.


Set up:


- I have vengeance 2000 headphones, Creative SB x-fi soundcard (with additional front plate to plug things in), cisco HD tv box (HD recorder/reciever) and logitech z-5500 speaker system.


I listen to my headphones through the computer (plugged into usb). I have to go through windows 7 sound menu and choose either "speakers" or "headphones" depending on if I want to use the 2000s or the z-5500. Currently the only way I can listen to tv is to plug in a toslink cable into the back of the z-5500 and the HD recorder and choose the correct input through the z-5500 controller.


How do I listen to the TV HD recorder with the vengeance 2000?


I tried plugging the toslink into the "optical in" on the front soundcard plate, but I get nothing. I opened the "sound" menu and the playback menus include:


-speakers, spdif out, digital audio (s/pdif), and headphones.


None of them give me sound if I choose them as the default.


Any ideas?

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