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[Problem] Corsair Vengeance 2000


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Hello there,


I bought a Corsair Vengeance 2000 about 1~2 months ago. And since 3 weeks I start to had problem to power it on and power off.


Now, im not able to turn it on anymore.


That's sad, I tried mostly everything I could do :


I tried to turn it on with the plug-in and without, no succes.


Lastest drivers, under Windows 7 x64, no succes.


My antenna goes blue, black, blue, black, etc. and tried to reset it too, no succes.


Tried different USB port, tried a different computer aswell... Im out of ideas, I think the headset has a bad manifacture problem.


Im wondering, there's a warranty on that product right ?


So yeah, how can I exchange my product ? Hope the shipping n' such isn't gonna be a pain for me, like 20$ to go, 20$ to get it back (Losing 40$ because of your defective product).


Is there a Corsair's Shop/Factory in Canada ? Because im from Canada


Can you help me out !


Friendly, Zeo


Thank you

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Sorry I might look like a newbie, but how RMA works exactly ?


Because I got the headset with the antenna but I didn't keep the original package, so that means I can't exchange it ?


Will Corsair pay the shipping entirely, a part of it or not at all ?


My headset doesn't turn on anymore now, no more blue led light even if I try charging it and/or on a different computer I still can't do nothing...


Paid 100$ for an headset that worked like... 2 weeks...


Plus I've heard most Corsair Vengeance 2000 Headset has problems. So what can I do ?


That's not the Corsair I know. My watercooling is Corsair, my ram is Corsair, my computer case is a Corsair, my powersupply is a Corsair one too.


Explain to me how RMA works please, never done that before.


Im from Canada/Quebec, sorry if my english isn't perfect im French.


Is there a phone number I could call to help me out also ?


Thank you very much for reading me


Friendly, Zeo

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Hi zeo,


You submit an RMA explaining the problem with your headset in the description, once approved by the corsair staff your RMA will be updated with an address to ship the headset to. you send it to them (first one is at your cost) you then wait for them to receive the headset, they then dispatch you a replacement. i have had mine replaced twice and the whole process takes about two weeks +.


If you call corsair they maybe able to setup a advance RMA where they send you the replacement then you send the faulty one back in the box the new one came in /shrug but this option is only available if you call them


p.s if you submit an RMA and make note of the RMA number and post your number in the thread RAM guy maybe able to speed up the process in been accepted.


- Vexed

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Thank you very much for those quick reply !


I did an RMA Request as suggested by members. I just hope it won't be too expensive since I live in Canada, I hope there's gonna be no border cost or somethings like that.


Here's my RMA ticket number : 6320486


Thanks again!


Friendly, Zeo

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