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H100I hi temps


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Hi all,


Just replaced my NZXT Kraken X60 with the H100i, I had problems with the software so I exchanged it with the Corsair.


I have 2 questions here, look at my spec's and tell me if you think this is normal.


First , I7 4770K @ 4.5 @ 1.34V with MX-4 Thermal Compound, my idle temps are around 35~40 , 5 more then the Kraken.

At almost stock speeds (3.9 @ 1.2v) , I won't get a BSOD but my temps are crazy hi, 90+ ..geez, and still between 35~40 @ idle


I had no problems running Prime95 for 5-6 hours and my temps.. around 75 with the Kraken. Now with the H100i, I get 85+ and I get blue screens. This CPU can take 90 easy without going coco. My config is in pull by the way... The case is really well ventilated, 3 x Corsair AF140, 1 x NZXT 140mm and 1 x 200mm .


I took off the pump and the Thermal compound is all good, 1 grain of rice worth, small layer.


Second question, am I supposed to see my CPU temps in the Link software ?? I have the H100i Temp that says 27 but that is the motherboard temp, not the cpu.


Any help would be good right about now :)


Thanks !

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Second first 4770K temp is not available under Link. Corsair say this is not their fault but a .net framework problem.


However it is better to link your cooling to the H100i temp. My idle temp (3-7% usage) is steady at 29.3

The H100i Temp is not the motherboard temp but the cooling fluid temp which should be directly related to the CPU temp.

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