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600T psu seating problem and strached corsair logo


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Hi i bought a corsair 600t case and corsair cx750m i have two problems.


1) My corsair logo at case's front mesh was strached and there was no protective nylon on it.Straches was there when i first unbox the case


2) I mounted psu fan is upside but my friend told me to turn fan down then i tried to mount it fan down but it was not easy as fan upside so i tired to push psu to the screw holes while fan down but case strached psu because it wasn't going easily.This is disappointment because case and power both of them are corsair.And i couldn't try psu under full load because my vga card has not arrived yet i think i will receive it tomorrow.I hope there will be no buzzy noise :-) but i have a strached new psu now :( that is not my fault because it was not going easily when fan is down


The piece that strached psu is at the red area.http://n1310.hizliresim.com/1g/7/tcn24.jpg

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