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corsair vengeance 1300 no sound in right ear


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Hi again, I have a problem with my corsair vengeance 1300 in that there is no sound in the right ear, I think this is because of the cable coming from the volume bit has broken and come loose a bit. I cant fix it as there's a warranty void if broken sticker over it. I've tried it on other machines and its defiantly the headset.


This is the second audio head set I've bought from corsair my first being the 1100 which broke after 1 week, was fixed via RMA then broke again and now has tape all over it and is sitting useless in a corner because I cant get my money back for it. So I bought the 1300 as it looked more sturdy but after 9 months its broke as well!


Is there anyway to get my money back for both these products?

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