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A few questions H80I & i5-4670K & MSI Z87-GD65


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I just recently installed the H80i into my build and i have a few questions regarding it.


1) Corsair link does not recognise my CPU temp. Only the CPU Act. %

Any idea how to fix this? i am currently using 1.04 firmware.


2) Are the pump always fixed on 2200 RPM? Any chance to adjust it based on current temp ?


Lastly some general info to other people with similar mobo, since i had a few headaces following the manual.


My manual didn't mention LGA 1150 anywhere, so i tried all the supported screws, but ended up with the LGA 2010 (can't remmember what number... but not the LGA 1155).


My backlate was also loose when fixing it into the mobo, but after applying the motor head and fasten the screws, it was fixed, no wobbling.

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