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General PSU Selection Questions


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I am in the process of putting another PC together and are looking at the Corsair power supplies at my online store in Australia.


At PC CaseGear where I purchase most of my components now they list all Corsair power supplies with the same mean time between failures, 100,000 hours, but the warranty period differs.


Most power supplies have a three year warranty, but the gold series have seven years. The gold series are only a little bit more expensive, so wondering why all the PSU's are not gold.


Also I notice these are a lot of different types of power supplies like the low noise models.


I want to order the most reliable type in the 750 to 850 watt range. Are the gold range more reliable even though the MTBF is the same as the others and are some types inherently more reliable than others? I may try a low noise model where the fans are supposed not to work at low loads if they as reliable as normal types. Are the fans in the low noise models the same quality as other power supplies?


Hope the questions make sense.

Any help will be appreciated.


Regards MarkL

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