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H110 configuration question (fans)


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Hi folks,


I have an Air 540 case with 3 140 AF fans (60+ CFM) and I just bought the H110. I'm going to replace the fans on the H110 with high pressure 140 fans and if I understand correctly, the case fans (140AF) will suffice for moving large volumes of air in the case, however the H110 should have the high static pressure fans to move the air thru the constricted space of the radiator fins?


I guess my question...is it okay to utilize case fans for the case intake/exhaust while having high air pressure fans for the radiator?


I'm thinking that going with all high pressure fans for both the case and radiator may not be the most optimal set up since the Air 540 case has a lot of internal room and it might be best to go with case fans for the case and high pressure for the rad, just so long as my intake CFM is more than the exchaust CFM (to maintain positive air pressure).

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