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Voyager GT 128 GB doesn't work at all


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I recently bought a flash voyager GT USB 3.0 128GB, and it's not working in my macs (an iMac 21"mid 2012 and a Haswell MacBook air 2013), and I've even tried in a PC. In the macs the drive light blinks briefly and then, no activity at all.


In the PC, I get the sound of "new device" two times, and then it says I need to format it in order to be able to use it. But when I try to format, nothing happens, no progress bar.


I'd like to know if I can get another one. I'm in Brazil but I could send through FedEx. I really need this drive and it's very frustrating, my first Corsair product ever and I can't use it.


Thanks in advance.

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