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K90 - Repeating Keys FW question


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I remember that the FW update for the repeating keys bug was only for those that experienced it, so my question is: Will updating to the latest FW & SW 'overwrite' the older FW that dealt with the repeating keys, or is it safe to upgrade?


Also, I am just curious, I recall reading about that problem back in the days - and according to corsair it had something to do with the polling rate. So how was it fixed, did you guys have to lower the polling or something? Not that it matters, since keyboards don't have continuous motion like mice for us to care about said rate, but still, curious. :)


Anyway, really happy with the keyboard after the FW - my only complain is the fact that it doesn't remember my Disable Windows setting, it resets after each reboot.

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If you don't have any problems with the software or keyboard you don't need to update the firmware.


But if you do want to update the software and firmware you can. It should not do any harm to your keyboard but there is a saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

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