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RM 750 or HX750? Specs Inside


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I'm looking to replace my PSU. Long story short, PSU in another machine died, and I figured if I'm going to buy a new one, I'll upgrade my current PC's 650W PSU to a quieter and more efficient model and put the one from it in the machine with the dead PSU.


I'm trying to decide between the RM750 and the HX750. Both are $129.99 at newegg, but I can't see much difference between them.


Here's my specs:

Intel i5-3550 Turbo Boost OC to 4.1Ghz (Not full time OC)

Asus P8Z77-V LK Z77 Motherboard

8GB G.Skilll DDR3 Ram

Asus GTX650TI OC Video Card

SB X-FI PCI Sound Card

Kingston V+100 SSD, WD Velociraptor 150GB and a Seagate 3TB HDDs

DVD Burner and BluRay Drive


What do you guys suggest as a better unit? The RM750 or the HX750?

I want something quiet, but reliable. Efficiency isn't a big deal as both will be more efficient than the old unit.


Edit I also see the AX760 is $139.99, making it even MORE confusing.

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