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Fairly unhappy with the Vengeance 2000


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Hi Corsair support crew et al,


I don't normally visit the forums of products I'm dissatisfied with and explain why that is so, but then again it's not every day that I spend £100 on a single product.


I bought my V2000 in January of this year. I chose the V2000 because I wanted a new headset that was wireless, surround-sound, and good looking, and because I really loved my M60 mouse (and still do!). My previous headset was the Logitech G35 - it's an absolute war-horse of a headset; for 4 years it served me well, being incredibly robust, comfortable, and good-sounding.


Perhaps it was too much to expect to imagine that the life of my V2000 would be as long as my old G35, but I do know that I expected it to live at least a year.


I'll get down to it, the issues:



1) The microphone pivot/bearing is so loose that it will only stay in two positions, up, and at the bottom.

This is because there's no dedicated mute button, and I knew this when I bought my V2000, but I thought that given that there's no other way to mute the microphone other than rocking the boom-mic up, that the bearing would be a little more grippy. This went after 5 months, in July.


2) The micro-usb port broke. My cable is fine (though incidentally, yours is not), but the socket now provides a very loose connection for the micro-usb cable, to such an extent that I cannot be wearing the headset while it is charging -- I have to lay it on the table and struggle for a couple of minutes trying to find the perfect elevation of the cable and angle to get it- to accept a charge. As of writing this, after 10 minutes I still cannot get it to charge, and fear that the socket is now completely broken.



All in all I'm pretty unhappy with the V2000, 9 months on. I don't know exactly what I expected of it when I purchased it at the beginning of the year, but I do know that I expected it to last at the very least a third of the life of my G35. And the real kicker is, I've treated my V2000 well, much more gently than I ever treated my G35, on account of the way that the V2000 feels pretty fragile when not on my head.



So what next? I see the V2100, and I won't lie I think it looks really good, but I won't be getting it. I'll pursue a refund through Amazon and then buy the Logitech G930, which while I think it's comparatively ugly, I'll at least be happy in the knowledge that it has the capacity to last 4 years.

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Along with my way issues, I have 2 suggestions for you:


1) Add a mute microphone button. Doing so will mean that the boom-microphone pivot will be able to provide the required friction for longer.


2) Instead of a micro-usb socket on the headset, why not do as Apple have done and have a magnetic cable connection? For one, it will mean that a user will be able to charge the headset without taking it off.

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I could... but I've managed to get a full refund. The V2000 is very good, it has a lot of really great points, but unfortunately it's shortcomings, both in design and functionality, mean that I bought the G930 instead, which I'm very happy with. It's not perfect, but it's closer to the mark of what I want in a headset. Oh, and the range is a hell of a lot better.
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