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H80i - fan speed at max; can't change it in Link 2


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Hi everyone


Ok first off I must confess I'm a bit of a noob so please forgive the stupidity in these questions.


Recently I bought a new rig with H80i. I installed the latest Corsair Link software and also updated firmware to 1.0.7. However when I opened it, I realised no matter what I do, the rpm of the H80i pump stays beyond 4000 rpm (around 4400) - which is beyond the maximum, and should have led to a really loud noise! :eek:


At the same time, although the noise is not as loud as a jet turbine, the fans are a bit too noisy.


Perhaps a screenshot would tell the story best.


So I'm just wondering if anyone had come across the same, or could otherwise help.


Many thanks in advance for your advice.


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Trust me, it's not you.



Welcome to the frustrating reality of owning a Corsair water cooler. The software is horrible filled with bugs. Even though the software makes it seem you can control pump speed, pump speed can't be changed. So that pump speed you see is meaningless.



Fan speed however, can be changed. But it looks like your fans have vanished and aren't being detected by the software, so that's a moot point. Whenever I launch the software, and if I'm lucky the fans will show up, despite all the suggestions you find here.



Close the program and plug the control cable into another USB header. Then relaunch the LINK software. Hopefully the fans will appear.

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Thanks eatmetoyota


I checked that the fan is connected directly to the motherboard (rather than the pump), so it could explain why it doesn't show up on Corsair Link software.


I then used AI Suite 3 and the fan control there - which of course runs into another set of troubles. But miraculously, the fan is now very quiet, at a much lower rpm. So much so that I'm not sure if it is fast enough to keep the CPU cool!

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