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tx750 Coil noise


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I have a tx750 (it's the third one i get, already rma'd 2 times) that for about 6 months was sitting unopenned on it's package.


Earlier this week I opened it, exchanged my "temporary" grimtec for the TX and started the computer. A few minutes later I noticed the coil whine that I attributed to the board's VRMs.


But as the noise was really annoying I opened the case and tried to search the correct location of the noise. To my surprise the noise was clearly coming from the PSU and not the motherboard. Everytime I move the mouse, the PSU starts whining. If I download anything via the onboard ethernet card, whine whine whine.


I have an Asus m5a97 r2.0 (uefi bios). Even moving the mouse in BIOS with everything disconnected besides cpu, ram (also corsair) and every mouse I could find starts the whine. I stop moving the mouse the whine stops.



From what i've read here in the forum this appears to be a common problem, so what is not working? QC ?

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Sudoeste, there really isn't much you can do except to contact CS again. Let them know this is the third unit to have the same issue and that you would like a different model. They have on occasion depending on circumstances changed models for users who have had multiple issues.


They will also pick up the shipping costs for you both ways.

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