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800D - Bottom RAD space maybe?!?!


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Please only reply if you have real information on this question,

My question is about the bottom HDD bay space in the 800D, does anyone know from experience if a 240 rad with fans would fit in that space if the radiator was on its side?

Just keen in knowing if it’s possible to fit the Radiator at the bottom without disrupting the cases integrity?



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Hi Synthohol thanks for the reply.


Sorry but i was more looking for knowledge in placing the radiator in this space without modding,


A stranded 3.5 hard drive has a width of 101mm, so i have 101mm to play with.


Case fan width 25mm

My radiator width 60mm

So 85mm with rad and fan, so would you agree that a radiator would fit in this space if it was on its side seen here, with out the mod?






This question of mine also may be a indicator that people wish to buy a case with bottom rad support with out modding, I know the case is getting old now, and people are just going to plainly suggest the 900d. But I like the look of the 800D, I am not a fan of the 900d with its 5.25 drive bays DVD or other device installed makes the case look cheap. Also, that square window that shows off the 5.25 internals, I just look at it and say ummm No.

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I have an 800d and I have not seen anyone able to get a 240 rad in the bottom without modding , however you could get a 140 rad in there push pull if you really wanted .

Gotta agree on the 750 , I was ready to replace my 800 with it but although the 750 has some nice updates and is technically better than the 800 in most respects it doesn't seem worthy of the Obsidian name , I would have happily paid more ( as I did with the 800 when it came out ) for the quality and nice steel / aluminium construction instead of plastic front panels ( yuck ) , also agree on the front panel with devices fitted and the oversized window .

Hoping that they have something else in the pipeline for the 650d's replacement :(: .

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