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H80i software question


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Hi, I'm new to this forum.

I've bought H80i. Hardware installed correctly. As a software I've downloaded Corsair Like v2.3.4816.


Few questions about this program:


1) Is it possible to let fans be automatic? I mean the highest is the temperature the fastest they'll run!

2) Link 2 said cpu temperature is about 29°C. Other programs tell me it's about 38°C. Who tells the truth?

3) I can change the led color, but only to red!! I can't put orange, blu, yellow or any other color.


Thank you for your patience and help! :)

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put the fan's , h80i water temp and pump in the same group in the link software.

You can fix the rpm of the fan's , put them to silent, balanced, performance etc, in your link software, if you use like balanced and the fan's are in the same group as the water temp and pump, the fan's make more rpm when the water gets hotter of the radiator, this is best way, so put them in quiet or balanced mode and they will spin up when the water gets hot.

Link software and other temp monitor tools use the same sensor, but how they implicate that is different. I would say both tools, I use aida as monitor tool, because it also shows me the voltage and other stuff.

So you say that you can't change the color of the led in the link software, did you tried to set link default settings, and tried again, if it still stay stock at red, you have to do a rma, and tell the problem to tech support, it could be that some leds are faulty of your cooler.

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