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No rollover on the K95 macro keys?


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Hello. I recently purchased a Vengeance K95 keyboard. I am very happy with this keyboard overall, but today I have encountered a little bit of a problem. I have set up my 18 programmable keys for World of Warcraft. I have assigned my G8, 10, 11, and 12 keys to W,A,S and D respectively. I did this using the Keystroke option in the basic commands list in the software. Now, when I am in game, the G8, 10, 11, and 12 keys do not work the same as the default WAS and D keys. For example: normally, when you are pressing and holding the W key to continuously run forward, and you wish to veer to the left let's say, you'd continue holding W, but at the same time begin holding A to move forward and to the left at the same time. Now, with my G8, 10, 11, and 12 keys, it does not work the same way. Let's say I am holding the G8 (W) key to run forward. This will work fine, but let's say I now wish to veer to the left. I'll continue holding the G8 key as per the usual, but when I begin to hold the G10 key (A), it will just cancel everything out and stop the character. Even if I am continuing to hold the keys, nothing will happen after I have attempted to press two of the assigned movement keys simultaneously, and I will have to press one of them again to begin moving again. So it is either walk forward, walk backward, rotate left, or rotate right. I am unable to do two simultaneously while using the my assigned keys. My guess on this is that there is no rollover with the macro keys for some reason. Is this the case? And how can I fix this issue? Thanks.
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