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Do I need More Fans in Obsidian 800D

Mike 399

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I am getting ready to start my first build. I will be using an Obsidian 800D case and a h100 cooler with an ASUS Sabertooth x79 motherboard and a EVGA GeForce GTX 780 GPU overclocked.


Should I get other fans over and above those that come with the case and the cooler?

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Put your h100 in top with fan's as intake and you good to go.

I have a 800D , h100i ,asus R3E, EVGA GTX680SC, with my system I found out that I got the best temps by replacing the rear fan and bottom fan with a AF140 and also that rear fan is now as intake, the H100i is in the top and the fans push the air outside, but every rig is different.

I speak about 3c difference in the case temp, but it comes with a extra price.

The case fans are good, the AF140 are better, simply as that.

With this case you can only put 1 extra fan in it when you have a H100i in the top as push or pull, and that's at the bottom of the case next to the psu.

I would say go for the 750D , it's a tiny bit smaller , but also a lot cheaper and this has a airflow that's better as a 800D and more stuff that's better as the 800D.

But if you are like me, you would say , nice that 750D but the 800D looks better.

Yes the 800D is awesome, and the 750D +900D are also awesome, but still the 800D gives me that feel of; yep this is the one.

I would like to see that Corsair came with a 120mm fan bay for building in the 5.25 bays, it would sell like hell I think, because this can make a difference in cooling.

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