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AF-140L Specs


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I find the specs for the AF-140, but can not find the specs for the AF-140L in my Air 540.


Does anyone have the CFM, Max RPM, and noise (Dba) figures for this fan.


Also, the fan is not listed in the Case Accessories/Parts section of the web site.



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This may help a bit.


Also, here's the specs for the AF120L and AF140L



Current Draw: .11A Max

RPM: 1300

CFM: 57.13

Static Pressure: .916 mmH2O



Current Draw: .12A Max

RPM: 1000

CFM: 67.43

Static Pressure: .764 mmH2O


The noise level testing is still being finalized but it's pretty competitive with aftermarket fans around the same RPM.


With very few exceptions, two fans at the same RPM will perform at similar noise levels. There are very few ways to make this significantly better as it's been perfected for a long time. At lower RPMs motor and bearing noise is more apparent so that's focused on heavily.





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