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New CX600M ATX cable won't go into any board


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It looks like 2 cables are going into one slot while another slot is missing a cable? The ATX cable doesn't clip into any motherboard anyway.

Thats correct, it's wired right. The one slot is supposed to be blank. That was a revision of the ATX spec a few years ago where the -5v rail used to reside. But those are no longer used so that cable is blank.


As to why it won't fit, i couldn't tell you . It all looks completely normal. The only possibility would be if one or more of the wire connectors is slightly bent within the plug itself or closed making it hard to insert into a MB. Or it may be just poor alignment of the pins within the plastic connector.


You basically have two choices, 1) you can take it back and swap it for another or have it RMA'd. 2) or if you look in the plastic connector you'll notice that the wires terminate to a square shaped brass terminal. You could take sewing pin and insert it into each wire one by one to try and open them up slightly or make sure there is no blockage preventing the pins in a MB from inserting into the connector. A sewing pin is just about the same diameter as what the pins in a MB would be.

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