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H80i Installation MSI z87 Minor Issues


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Hi all, just purchased Msi z87 Mpower mother board and corsair h80i. I am having a concern with the corsair product. The second step in the manual is to install the backplate onto the motherboard which not an issue but step 3 is to install the standoff screws. To install the back piece, I had to use a slider on the backplate itself to fit into the LGA 1155 motherboard. When I install it, (using LGA 1155 bolts as described in the installation guide), I realised they were a bit slack and easy moveable after tightening the screws.

Is it suppose to be like that?


Edited: This is my problem


Any Better solution?

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There are brands that have slightly thinner pcb's of the mobo now these days( save money for the brands),

Especially in the budget and mainstream line of the brand.

Like there where some people that have a problem with a asus mobo. My son have one of the ROG line, here asus use the same pcb in the hole rog line, because they where build for overclocking and they build it with with a slightly thicker pcb. , more layers.

MSI normally does the same, The M an Xpwer line are there new overclocking mobo''s.

So you could say they use a different pcb thickness for there new line, but I doubt that, it could be your cpu..

In your case it proofs that the washer works with this mobo and your cpu, but the haswell is not soldered intern with the heat-spreader of the cpu and needs some times more pressure to make firm contact between the chip and heat spreader of the cpu.The H80i does the job and cools the cpu very well now, nice temps with the 4.3ghz overclock.

Also that gap between the pcb and stand-offs is normal, if you place the cooler on it and you can twist the cooler without much force, then you could say that you need washers,.

Like I say don't always blame the cooler but look also at the cpu and motherboard.

I your case I would say that it is the cpu, because Msi always had a good pcb for the Overclocking line

I did some builds with a haswell on it and I found out that with the stock cooler you could see if your chip has nice intern contact, the most jumped above the 85c when load, only 2 stayed at the mid 70c.

So it's a lottery if you get a cool Haswell, also I think under volting the cpu for normal use is more at the order now with these haswels, so they stay cool at load

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