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Corsair SP 2500 value..


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So, today i got my Corsair SP 2500s and i have Asus Xonar DG soundcard.


My old speaker set was 40€ common brand 2.1 set which i bought as they got very nice reviews. When i got them the sound clarity and balance from top to bottom range was SUPERB with zero fiddling needed with any settings.


Now as i bought these Corsairs, once again gotten very nice reviews, all i can say its a huge disappointment for 220€.

I have fiddled with every possible setting during the past hours, but still the highs come out pretty crisp but not balanced with the subwoofer or mids and not even with the vocals.


Subwoofer.. the subwoofer level dial is like this:


from 0% to 80%, no meaningful sound at all


from 80% to 90% it kinda is balanced with some bass heavy music, but say like rockmusic or jazz or blues theres none or very little bass.


from 90% to 100% the bass is somewhat balanced with some tracks but with any kind of bass-heavy song it drowns the mids and highs


And not in any level the bass is inline with what its supposed to play, its either boomy or nonexistant. Not really giving the proper thump when needed.


Then we come to the settings, with everything in "hi-fi" mode aka flat eqs and this "program" mode in "none", the sound really goes flat as the EQ.. Subwoofer almost like turns itself off.

With Dynamic Pop the sound seems to be a bit better, but come on my old 40€ set could do better?? (too bad the sub went dead after 4 years of listening)


PLEASE say im just superbad with setting this set up or these really need some burn-in playing (theyve been on only like 5hours)


Current settings: Subwoofer dial is at the last green line (yes it has to be almost max to hear it), volume is at the halfway on blue lines, Dynamic Pop as a program, EQ is in reference.

I did what the manual said to crank the Xonar DG soundcards volume to the max, but all that did was cut some of the highs away? So now its a bit of a compromise with 80% volume from soundcard.

I did try to up the bass with soundcards eq but that really didnt improve the quality even if the sub woke up a bit more.


Satellites sit beside my monitor maybe 1meter away from me. Sub is under the desk about 30cm from my feet. I would try different spots for the sub but the powercord is so short and i dont have an extra extension cord at the moment..


Sorry for the rant but ofcourse i expected these to blow away me soundqualitywise compared to the ancient set i had previously (or maybe they just were the gem of computer speakers, who knows)

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