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corsair link, major issues.


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Hey guys.


Ive put up with some major corsair link issues for about 6 months, before losing it at deciding to post here. my cooler is an H80i


Now v2.1.1 - 2.2.0 work but lockup and force close with "sierra2 has stopped working" as soon as i minimize the window or even click out and back into the window, but it does allow me to change fan speeds until it fc.


Also it will force close straight away if i don't hover the cursor over the corsair logo in the notification area, ive never seen this behaviour from software before.


versions past v2.2.0 doesn't work at all. The process appears in the task manager but nothing happens at all.


Ive tried everything imaginable, from closing pretty much everything running on the pc to ever compatibility setting windows offers, no change.These issues have persisted through multiple windows installs.


I'm really at a loss on where to go next, I bought this cooler against the competition for corsair link, I love the idea but i cant say ive ever had such issues with any other piece of software before...


Please help me corsiar!

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Hi jointherealms, sorry you have been having trouble . Please use the link on the left to request an RMA for your cooler, but let them know you need just the USB Dongle. They will send you one free of charge and hopefully this should take care of your LINK issues.
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Hey guys, i appreciate the replys.


im running windows 8 , i must of reinstalled link about 50 times all up making sure too try all configurations.:[pouts:


Although i really think this is a software issue, ive only some across one other poster with similar issues. So its worth a try with the rma.


Is there any alternative to corsair link, i dont need any of the fancy stuff, i just want be able to reliably change fan speed. Would it be recommended to use mobo fan headers?.


cheers guys.

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