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900D case


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you can please some people all of the time

all of the people some of the time

but you can't please all of the people all of the time.


like toasted said,be more descriptive ,corsair listens to constructive criticism but such a rant serves a purpose to no one.

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TO many negative things have been said about the D90 already.

The D90? Are you sure your bashing the correct product ?:eek:


Did you even use it and come to your own conclusions , or just base it off a few negative reviews? and a few negative remarks?

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Yep , if you say its crap, then let us know what's bad about this 900D:confused:.

If you buy a case and specially one like the 900D, you go looking for reviews and tests about it, if you only buy it for saying; yes I have this one, you didn't do your homework:roll:.

I have a 800D and I bought this after weeks of reading and looking reviews, my son bought a InWin last week, why because he also looked at the specs and reviews of a lot of pc cases and this one did fulfil his needs and the looks.

My son liked the interior of the corsairs, but didn't like the looks of the Corsairs ,so you see everybody has a different taste and needs.

So choose a case that fulfil you needs and that where you like the looks of it and not for just showing of and returning afterwards because it isn't what you wanted.

Also you know that when you buy Corsair, you buy the great service of Corsair to and that you have to pay little premium price :roll::D:.

Believe or not, the most here don't care about the price, they only want quality and here is Corsair one of the best in it:bling:.

If the quality is not at your expectation , they will help you till it does:toomuchin.

So please tell us what's bad about this case:feedback:.

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