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what ram to buy? xms2 or 1?


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ok, here's my problem.. i barely play games anymore, and mostly do video editing, a bit of encoding of video, making dvd's and some serious downloading.. next to that i often run dreamweaver and do some photoshopping ;)


i want to buy a new asus mobo for the new intel socket 775 (or would you suggest an amd64, seeing you probably have tons of experience with these new systems and i personally don't) and the boards support up to 600mhz ram.. mobo i'm considering: P5GDC-V Deluxe and a P4 3.0 socket775..


i want to keep my old ram for now until i really decide which good ram to buy..

that's why i want to get this mobo, als because it has onboard vga until i can afford a good pci-express card..


the question is, is there any real point in buying cas2 ram if i don't play games?

i mean, is 400mhz cas2 faster than 600mhz cas3?


and eventually, when i have the cash for a kick-*** videocard again, would my 600mhz beat the 400mhz cas2? (just in case)


also, i will probably be overclocking, just as a side note i want to ask you if i buy lets say 500mhz ram which is made for cas2.5 will it run at lower speeds at cas2 and be stable? this might be very handy to know for a few ppl i oc systems for.. so far i haven't had the chance to get my hands on ram faster than the actualy mobo supports so no chance of testing my theories.. is there any way to go over say 450mhz and still keep cas2? these ppl are avid gamers, i'm just the hardware freak with all the knowledge..


if you can answer these questions i would be really greatful!

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It's hard too say what the exact difference would be, but there would be more theoretical bandwidth with DDR2. However you should be able to run your DDR modules with this MB and then see how it performs.
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yes, but what is the exact use of having cas2 ram then?


cuz i see that the 1gb (2x512) 550mhz ram costs about the same here

as 1gb of 400mhz cas2...


why would i spend the same amount of money for 400mhz if i can get 550? :confused:

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Again it really depends on several things and it's not that cut and dry.

Please tell me the make and model of MB and the CPU speed and its FSB and the modules part numbers that you are referring too! But for the most part, if you have a CPU that will over clock too 275 MHz and the system Is DDR1 you would get better over all performance with XMS4400, but if your CPU will only reach 230-240 MHz then XMS3200XL or C2 may be a better choice!

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Current CPU: P4 530 - 3GHz (socket 775)

Current MOBO: Asus P5GDC-V Deluxe

Current RAM: 256MB A-DATA 333MHz CAS2.5


Alright, this mobo has lots and lots of oc-ing features..

I can NOT oc at the moment, due to my extremely cheap RAM.

Of course, I will be wanting to oc later on when I get good RAM, but

I would like some info before I actually buy some.. I am still a student


As a note I can even change the chipset voltage on this board!

I had never seen that before, very interresting indeed...


Eventually I just want to have the fastest "reacting" system..

So my preferences go out to make the computer run spiffy during opening/closing programs etc.. I am also very fond of running lots of programs together, since I am a webdeveloper.


Games are not my biggest concern, they should run just about as good on 555MHz DDR2 as 400MHz CAS2 DDR1, if all the benchmarks are to be believed..


So, I think I've already come to the conclusion that I will go for 2x1GB of DDR2 in a matched pair to utilize Dual support found on my mobo..


Is the only difference between the 5400C4 and 5400C4PRO the housing of the dimm's? One's black, the other platinum? And will it outperform the 4300C3?

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