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K60 cursor/number key issues/


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Hi guys


I have a few problems with my keyboard. I don't know the name of the problem but sometimes when I hit a key it performs the action of both that key and another nearby one. For example pressing either the 7 or 8 on the keypad produces 78, same goes for 5 & 6 and 1 & 2. Strangely this also happens with the space bar & 0, the num lock key & / and even the down and right cursor keys (this is really annoying). All of these examples are true for these keys whether or not Num Lock is on or off (although the space bar problem is much less annoying when Num Lock is turned off).


At first I thought the best thing to do was to try updating my firmware but every time I try to do this the program comes back with 'Set firmware update mode failed!'


So basically what do you guys think? Is this something that I can fix with software or is my keyboard defective?




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