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Backplane for the 400r?


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Hello, I just recently got the Obsidian 400r.

I was browsing Corsair's site and I see they sell a backplane for the 900D and some other cases.

Would anyone know if there is a backplane that is compatible with the 400r or if those could be made compatible for it.

As my name states I am very handy. I would really love some sort of backplane even if I had to start whipping out the soldering iron lol.



I know this is a little insane and I know there are hot swap bays (Already have a few.), but if I could get something like this and for around the same price as the ones for the 900D it would be just awesome. Even if it cost more.


If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.

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Lol Thanks for the replies so far.


I meant what I said.......I am looking for a backplane for the 400r


Maybe if I am feeling ambitious, have free time, and some money to spend, I might buy the backplane for the other corsair case and try to make it work for the 400r. If I did get that to work then I could sell at least one of the 2 hot swap bays i got that cost much more. I got 2 of these http://www.sybausa.com/productInfo.php?iid=1230&currentPage=0


Also If I did get the backplane to work I could drill my own holes into a HDD tray to make the backplane also work for 2.5 drives. :laughing:


And to really finish it off..... Modify the side panel to have a small door just over the drive bay area. :p: (A little extreme I know lol)


Any info on the measurements and spacing of the corsair backplane would be helpful to know too.


Thanks again.

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