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H80i Gone & Fans @ 100% after FW Update


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I got this H80i from Corsair probably back in May or so as a replacement for my H80 that went totally dead. When I got it, I found that it was not detected by the CorsairLink software when connected to the commander. Turned out this was a known issue with the 1.0.5 firmware, so I was left no choice except to connect it via USB, and since I have no more internal headers, I had to run a cable out the side of my case.


Fast forward to today when I was prepping to upgrade my MB & CPU, and discovered that there was a new version of the firmware that corrected the communication problem with the Commander. I went through the steps posted by RAM GUY, and at the end, it appeared to be successful, but the fans remained at 100% and the unit is no longer detected by Corsair Link. When I rebooted my machine, the BIOS complained about no CPU Can speed, so that would seem to indicate that the H80i is not reporting pump speed to the motherboard.


I had something similar happen on my H80 right after I got it, and I was able to recover it by resetting the firmware. Given the lack of a button on the H80i, it seems this may not be possible on this unit.


Are there any ways to bring it back, or is a RMA the only way?



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