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2 yr old AX 1200 having issues


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Hi, I have a AX 1200 I purchased from Newegg on 7/23/2011 until the last 3 or so weeks it was flawless. My 3.3 v tops out a 3.120 at idle and will dip down well under 2.73 under load ( During Folding at home) and now it has made my PC unstable, I can't fold, or play any games. At first I thought it was my video cards, but I put those on at a time in a PC my kids have and did a Fur mark burn test on each one with no problems, I also thought it was my MB and did an RMA with that though ASUS, but they sent it back stating there were no problems with it. Is this time for an RMA for my AX 1200 ?
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