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ticket 6124691-its been 5 days.


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Hey all.


RMA site says it takes about 1 business day to get an RMA number to send a part in, I've been waiting about 5.


Ticket Number 6124691

Status New

Date/Time Opened 9/19/2013 5:01 PM


that's part to see if a mod can have a look.


Now I've been thinking, i'm pretty sure its the Corsair 2000s I have, pretty confident.


I have it registered as part number CA-9011115-NA. There was another part for asian packaging, and another which didn't seem to have a region. I got mine in canada, so i assume it was the NA packaging. Or am i wrong on that?


The actual issue is one day they just stopped charging, they would either not register, or register for a second, then not, then register, or simply register for a few blips when 1st plugged in.(this is in printers and devices im talkin bout). They didnt charge when left in, as they didnt show up in devices. Got a new cord from a store, thinkin perhaps? nope. Not on another 2 pcs, with either cord. So it's got to be the headphones.


I really would like to avoid having to go out and buy another set of wireless headsets, they are expensive, and i've only had these a couple months.

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