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XMS3200 LL Pro timings

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I have 2 Gb of XMS 3200 LL Twin X Pro (not overclocked) running in a DFI 875 Pro B motherboard. The timings are the recommended 2-6-3-2.


If I make these timings 2-5-2-2 to mimic the new 3200 XL RAM, will I achieve better performance during gameplay.


The DFI 875 allows these tighter timings, but my previous Abit IC7-G motherboard would not boot up on these tighter timings for a reason which I never understood.


My CPU is an Intel Northwood 3.4 GHz ("Northy")

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They may not be able to run at 2-2-2-5!



I have already set them to 2-5-2-2 and they are fine. My question is will these timings imropve gaming performance? I am at 2.6 V, not overclocking.


Also how is it that some people quote 11 as a timing when they say, for example, 2-6-3-11

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