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K95 Backlight


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I've just got my shiny new K95. It's great, and a nice upgrade from my K90.


So far, after half a day, I have one request: I'd like a future firmware/software update to allow me to control the backlight in smaller increments.


I *love* the white backlight. Perhaps it can't be done, but there are so many ways you could control the backlight in smaller increments than just tapping the same button three times for 33%, 66% and 100%.


Perhaps use the volume roller, or even the numbers 1-0 to control it in 10% chunks or smaller.


I just want to be able to have the backlight set to 10% or 15% percent - even 33% is too bright.


I read in the PDF that accompanied the firmware I downloaded from the Corsair website that a "high power" mode had been added. The description wasn't clear as to what the high power mode was for, but it did say the difference "might not be visible unless you're in a brightly lit room", leading me to believe that it's actually an overdrive for the backlight.


I can't honestly believe you bothered making it possible to make the backlight BRIGHTER, but it gives me some hope that it mightbe possible to make it dimmer. Is this possible using the current LEDs?

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