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Another faulty Flash Voyager GT


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This is getting beyond a joke!

I bought a Flash Voyager 64gb GTR (I think it was) which broke.

I was sent a Flash Voyager GT in exchange which broke.

I was sent another Flash Voyager GT which again....broke.

The last one I was sent (about 3 months ago) has now dropped its speed to USB 2.

Can I RMA this one please?


This attached, are comparisons of the Corsair Flash Voyager GT 64gb and my USB caddy, plugged into the same USB 3.0 port.



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Please submit a ticket and explain the situation in the comment section. I'm sure our customer service dept. will take care of this for you. If you already opened a ticket but have not get any response, post your ticket number here and I will get someone to process it.
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