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3rd defective HX1000W...bad luck ??


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UPDATE: Corsair sent a HX1050 as a replacement. System is stable now, no more restarts EXCEPT....IT IS VERY LOUD !!!!!!!!


MUCH MUCH louder than the HX1000.... It's quiet when not under load but as soon as there is load, it takes of like a Jumbo Jet.....


I even tested to ensure it is the PSU fan. I set all chasis fans on quiet, set the CPU fan to quiet (I have a knob controller) and set my GTX 770 to 60% fan speed.


With the above settings, the system is VERY quiet. This leaves only the PSU fan outside of my control as everything else is set manually.


Then I start some kind of 3d benchmark and a few seconds in, the HX1050 goes of like a Space Shuttle.....


Very disappointed again...my HX1000 was quiet unlike this 1050...


Are all new corsair PSUs like this ? Quiet at idle but extremely loud under load ?




So I built this i7 machine when i7 1st gens got released. The PSU I picked was the HX1000W. The idea was to "future proof" :D: Then some time later the PSU started having issues so I opened a RMA and got it replaced with a 2nd HX1000W and it started working fine. :sunglasse


Now some time later, I am having issues again...My PC simply restarts or shuts down. No dump, no BSOD, it's as if someone yanks the cord. I'm sure its not the power cord and I am even using this PFC compatible UPS:



I thought it may be the GPU and it was time for a upgrade anyway so I got a new EVGA GTX770. It did not resolve the issue.


I then opened the system up and reseated everything and ensured all the connections were good. It still reboots or looses power and shuts down.


Bit more testing later, I narrowed it down to the PSU since I was experiencing the same symptoms as last time. So I started another RMA (express this time)


Corsair promptly sent me another HX1000W and I tried it today. Same issues..... The machine randomly restarts or looses power. Sometimes it fails to start, the fans spin but no POST and shuts down. Starts again, fans spin and shuts down. :[pouts:


So I spoke with my brother and borrwed his Corsair HX750 to test it in my system. Behold, the HX750 works flawlessly....


Now I have a 2nd and 3rd HX1000W sitting here....what am I to do ?


It costs me about $50 each to ship these heavy bricks back to the US. For the price of shipping both these back, I can get a brand new PSU....


Very disappointed so far :mad:...please advise....

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Just tested by swapping out both the HX1000W's and the HX750 multiple times and testing each time.


HX750 - Totally stable

3rd HX1000W replacement - Total dud. The fans spin and then stop. Powers on for like 1s, won't even post...

2nd HX1000W (what I have been using till now) - Seems to be working again but I find it's been unstable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


I'm 100% sure the new replacement (3rd one) is a total dud since I swapped them back and forth multiple times to ensure it isn't a fluke or loose cable or something.


I have the 2nd HX1000W in the system right now and will test some more to see if reboots or looses power again (I'm sure it will)


The HX750 goes in my brothers system I am building him today (i7 4770k beast)

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My other thread got deleted I think as I may have posted it in the wrong section.


So I had RMAd a HX1000W a while back. The replacement worked fine until recently I started having similar issues. My PC restarts now and then or shuts down randomly. It's as if someone pulls the plug.


I setup an andvanced RMA and Corsair shipped me another replacement. This 3rd HX1000W is a complete dud. The system wont even boot.


I tested with a HX750W that I am using to build my brother a PC right now.


The HX750 works fine and no reboots. I tested this by swapping between the HX750 and the 2 HX1000s multiple times.


So now have the HX1000W that causes intermittent reboots and a 3rd replacement that is a complete dud.....To ship both of these back to Corsair will cost me more than to go and just buy a new PSU....


Needless to say I am very unhappy with this Corsair product right now....


Corsair, please assist with this. I ask that you not send me a 4th HX1000W as I have received 3 bad ones already.... Also, I can no longer afford to ship back 2 more of these. Please send me shipping labels for these 2 bricks...

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Hi THS, I'm really sorry to hear this. Unfortunatly your issue is going to be something that can't be resolved here in tech support. You'll need to speak with CS either by phone or by logging back into your support case and you can send them a message that way.


Don't worry about shipping charges. Corsair will cover shipping on all second RMA's and I'm totally positive they will give you prepaid lables for both PSU's. Just be sure to ask.I'm also sure they will get you another PSU right away.


But Calling them and speaking with someone might be the best way to go.. They would be able to take care of you on the spot instead of waiting on emails. Just be sure to have your RMA number handy.


Again, I'm really sorry this happened.

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Hey Ramguy,


Can you please have a look into this ? I tried calling yesterday but no one picked so I left a VM and email. I received an email response with a prepaid shipping label and invoice asking to send back the defective ones. There was no mention of a replacement....


I need this PC to be operational for work and cannot ship back the PSU until I get a replacement. The 3rd one is a dud but the 2nd one causes intermittent reboots and I can still get some work done with it.


Please have corsair ship me a replacement equivalent first and I will send back the defective ones. Note that my credit card was already charged a hold fee for express cross shipping....


Also, I will not accept another HX1000. I have already had 3 bad ones in a row. Please send me an equivalent such as HX1050.




EDIT: Do I send back both faulty HX1000's in one box ? As it is a prepaid shipping label, I can call UPS to come pick it up right ?

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The HX 1050 does have a pretty steep fan curve , unlike most of the other PSU's with the fan going to near full speed between 20-30% load.


Is it just fan noise or is it making some noise other than normal fan noise?



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Just seems to be fan noise (although extremely loud)


Infact my system would be quiet even with the 770 ACX and then the PSU kicks in and BAM. It's like someone turned on a leaf blower...


The HX1000 made practically no noise compared to this 1050...


If this is by design, corsair better ship me something else....I build this machine to run quietly....this PSU throws that design out the window...

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Because you only have trouble with your HX psu's , 3 times now,You could ask for a RM1000 as warrenty replacement .

Ask tech support, if this is possible.


So you suggest downgrading me from the HX to the RM series ?


No... I picked the HX series partly due to the better looking braided cables as my high end case has a see through window. RM series comes with ugly flat regular cables.


Look at this thread. This person experienced the exact same issues as me:




His HX1050 (replacement for the faulty HX1000) was replaced with an AX1200i and as he says and I'll quotes "Certainly, there is zero fan noise from this unit."


I will ask tech support to replace this noisy HX1050 with an AX1200i

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Origina;ly posted by Ahtlon:

Because you only have trouble with your HX psu's , 3 times now,You could ask for a RM1000 as warrenty replacement .

Ask tech support, if this is possible.

I'm sorry Ahtlon , I'm not sure where you got your information from but you can't just ask for a different model. When you RMA a product generally it's for the same model. On certain occasions and at the discretion of the support team some PSU may be swapped for a different model. But this is not to be expected or implied.

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Spoke with Corsair Tech / Customer support. They are willing to replace the 1050 with an AX1200 but not AX1200i


I don't want an AX1200 since I know many people have issues such as fan noises or coil whine plus it's not even made by seasonic.


Not sure how to proceed....

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  • 1 year later...

Guys ... I received my faulty HX1050 from a seller called Galactics through Amazon.com (and a JP version at that although they promised me a US one!)


It was quite a shock ... having my 1st ever build all ready for POST to only be greeted by a quick half a second flashing of the fan LEDs ...


When I contacted the seller through Amazon's return portal, they disgracefully told me to contact Corsair RMA with them knowing that my order was less than a month old!!!

But Corsair logically told me to get back to the seller and so I hastily corresponded and then shipped back the PSU for them to tell me that they could not send me a replacement, and that only a refund would be possible.


Bare in mind that I am ordering US products from the Bahrain in the GCC via a courier P.O. address in New York.


I am going to order an HX1000i this time directly from Amazon, no 3rd party B.S. lol ... so wish me luck!!!


PS. Doing a POST test before putting your gear in the case would be a good way to evaluate everything ::pirate::

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