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H100 Pump stopping randomly


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I have owned a H100 for some time now and ever since i bought it every now & again the fans would speed up to maximum and return to normal. Ive spent some time trying to work out what it was and recently i noticed CoreTemp had a max temp value of 97c.


Obviously i was very concerned but since my PC seemed to be functioning fine and hasn't exactly crashed or anything i put it down to a glitch in my CPU Temperature sensor.


However recently my fans have been maxing out, alarms have sounded from my BIOS and my temp has shot up and not returned to normal; forcing me to force power of my PC for worry of damage. Sometimes when turning it on as well the fans have not started. Normally requiring a light tap to the top (where the radiator is) to get them started.


Because of this i have been monitoring my H100 using speed fan and i just caught a time where the fans went to full and checked my speedfan logs and what do you know:


Seconds | Pump Speed

36859 1839

36862 1901

36865 1901

36868 1839

36871 1839

36874 1786

36877 1786

36880 0 <-- Pump speed!!!!

36883 0 <-- Pump speed!!!!

36886 2096

36889 2096

36892 2096

36895 2096

36899 2096

36902 2096

36905 2096



This is seriously worrying to me, what is wrong with my H100??


Thanks for any replys

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