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K50/ K95 hardware/software m different trouble


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I recently acquired K50 and K95 keyboard, for professional test


After installing both drivers (and firmware K50 only) in administrator on win7 pro

I have some issues that no responses on this forum could fix.

Tried on different, USB ports, computers and OS (win 8) and exactly same troubless


On both keyboard i have the same troubles:


In software mode:

Everything works fine expect that macro over two keystrokes that are used for windows desktop ex: ctrl + alt + del, shift + win + left...


Macro of two keystrokes like win + e (open folder) crtl+ c works well

Macro over two keystroke under other application than "desktop" works well, like in powerpoint, outlook, ptc/ProEngineer... work well too.


So on software mode under windows desktop only macro overs 2 key strokes doesn't work, and after looking deeper, only the last two action are active


left shift + win left + left (toggle active window to one screen to other) function only like win left + left (lighter displacement)


the same with right shift and or right win keys


The shift key function correctly has if i macro shift + h + e + l + l +o it give HELLO


If i use Shift+win+left macro in "hardware mode" everything works well


In hardware mode:

Every things works well expect "Launching program" nothing happen, but i could understand that run program from hardware mode is not possible.


Thanks for your answer

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