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HELP! - AX1200i Corsair Link Digital Interface Cable Comm Port Connection


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Hey guys,

I'm hoping someone can help me with this, I could really do with a speedy reply. . .thanks in anticipation!


The Comm Port connector has come adrift on my Corsair Link Digital Interface cable / a.k.a PMBUS cable (the one that clips into the AX1200i PSU comm port), all of the 4 pins have managed to slide out of the black plastic housing.


Now I'm not sure which way to put the housing back onto the cable. I don't want to fry my MOBO/PSU by getting it wrong!


Is there a kind soul out there who can take a look at their own cable please?


What I need to know is: With the cable laid out FLAT, do both connectors have their "clips" facing up, or is one facing up, and the other facing down?


I tried to trace the top wire from the connector in the attached picture I found on the web, through to the other connector, but can't reach a definitive conclusion as to it's terminal on the other connector. It's not worth frying my components based on an "assumption".


Thanks again!



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  • Corsair Employees

Hey there,


I would be happy to help resolve this situation, however to do so, you must create a ticket in our support system.


Please go to http://corsair.force.com/ and create an account. Once logged in, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Request an RMA" button. From there, fill in the required product family information and the part number "CP-8920117". (Make sure to click the magnifying glass after typing in the part number to confirm.) Lastly, select the best RMA option available and submit your ticket. Now that your support ticket is created, please reply to this post with your new ticket number.


Thank you for your time.

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Hey RamGuy,


Thanks for your help with this.


I created a ticket yesterday, the ticket number is 6125033.


I can save you the whole RMA process if you can let me know which way the connector fits!


Is it the same way as the one on the other end, or is it flipped 180 degrees so the "grip" is facing in the other direction?, i.e., one connector's grip facing up, and the other connector on the other end of the cable facing down, when the cable is stretched out & placed on a flat surface?


There's no problem with the connectors or the sheath now, I've soldered where it was accidentally cut in the middle, but when I removed it from the PSU, the connectors pulled out of the plastic sheath. They cant have been inserted correctly during manufacture, hence slipping out.


I can use this cable, but just need to know which way the connector goes on. There are 2 choices. One is 180 degrees incorrect.


If you could send me a picture of a new CP-8920117 cable, either stretched out, or from a "sideways on" perspective, with bends in the cable to make it fit the frame of the pic, I can sort it, no problem.


I'm quite desperate, and don't really have time to wait for a replacement.



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