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Veng. 2000 starting loud now


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Hello (probably RAMGuy, hehe).


I recieved my replacement Vengeance 2000 headset months and months ago.

I am happy to say, that the cracking is not happening to them now (at least not yet).


But, I started having 1 issue now:

When the headset is first turned on, it turns on at full blast!

This never happened in the months prior (3? 4?) since I have had the new replacement headset.

They used to turn on at a low level, then I would turn them up to the desired level.

Now, they start at full blast (I seriously have ringing in my ears because of it), and I have to lower them as quickly as possible.


I have tried turning them off at a super low level, then turning them back on, but that doesnt work.

I have tried setting the headsets sound levels through Hardware and Sound options to be low, but that doesnt work either.


Any ideas on this problem, how to solve it?


Win7 64.





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The headset volume doesnt change.

I dont have the drivers installed (never have, never will).


I have not tried another usb port though (although it is on the same port as it always has been, and the same as the previous headset was too.

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Seems to be Skype related.

If i turn skype on before the headset (starts with windows), it will do the loud thing.

If I turn on the headset (skype set to manual launch), then start skype, it is ok.


Or, in the last 3 days it just started working again for whatever reason.

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As the headset has been replaced before, contact customer service via phone and tell them your replacement headset is faulty. They may (usually do) cover the shipping costs. Make sure you have your previous RMA # as it will be needed.


You can call them using Skype by calling their toll-free number on their website.

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