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Cooling node..check your molex!


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My 3 front fans stopped working, and I spent a lot of time and effort updating firmware, cooling link software, etc. Then found out the cooling link is so shoddily built that one of the pins in the molex connector had simply been pushed out of the hole! I'm aware now that the cooling node has been discontinued (wow big surprise!), however for those of us who actually bought either the kit or a cooling node, worth checking. I would actually check this weak point in the QC before going on to updating firmware.


The rest of it still seems like at best alpha garbage, but hopefully this will get my fans to spin up again.


Running commander, cooling link, 2xh80i's and the 4 stock fans in a 900d on a dual-xeon setup. No idea if it solves my problems, will keep you posted.


As this is a Corsair forum....::pirate:: no quarter given!

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