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Force GT Predictive failing


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I received an event 52 error (predicted drive failure) from my SSD the other day, and quickly ran a backup just in case it does fail. However after downloading the SSD toolbox I discover that nothing on the SMART checks indicate that the drive may be failing (I have read the SMART sticky thread). Should I start organizing an RMA or is this just a glitch error? Drive performance seems to be fine too!


I've attached a screenshot of the error and SMART status - sorry for the large image!


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Screenshot attached below. Performance seems to be as expected - considering this benchmark was taken while running the OS (Windows is installed on this drive). So should I disregard that error completely then? Or should I still be weary?


And as for backups I regularly backup my main data drive; I'm less worried about my OS Drive. Programs can easily be re-installed so I don't run frequent backups on the SSD.


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