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I got the same problem upgrade from 5.05a to 5.07 by using SSD tool box. My previous version is 1.0 and can't even check the available new firmware(said my SSD unknown version). Later I search forum and update it Corsair field updater tool and manage to upgraded it from 1.0 to 5.05a. But now I'm having problem upgrade it to 5.07. My SSD is using Marvell 91XX SATA III 6.0G/s port AHCI Mode. While other storage I use intel raid and I installed IRST software driver. So I need to remove it as well? Any other advise or 5.07 firmware for download other than using SSD toolbox?




Here is some extra performance gain While I tested and snapshot by using HDtune 5.50 pro benchmark before and after upgrade from 1.0 to 5.05a Firmware. Thanks



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I got the same problem as well. When I was updating the my Force SSD 120gb 1.0 by using SSD toolbox ( It message unknown version). Then I search forum here and manage to flash it 1.0 to 5.05a by using Corsair Field updater. Now from 5.05a update to 5.07 (message update failed). Since my SSD drive using Marvel 91xx Sata port and other drive is using intel Raid 0 with IRST software driver. So do I need uninstall Intel IRST to MSdriver as well? or reinstall marvell driver to Ms driver? Thanks


Some performance gain before and after upgrade firmware from 1.0 to 5.05a :-)

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these pictures were taken during update the firmware. I saw the message update failed. I use corsair field updater to confirm but once I scan driver and saw firmware 5.07. then I use SSD toolbox refresh but the firmware version still 5.05. So for safety I use corsair field updater just flash back to 5.05a 22788 signature firmware. I don't wanna end up send RMA.Thanks






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Hi, good news. I got it flash by plug it in to intel sata and flash completely firmware 5.07. Thanks and hope there is improvement for the SSD toolbox for the version that can support more wide range of Sata.


and the performance gain? well this could hard to say cos I tested 3 times for and it result different and not as clear as from 1.0 to 5.05a. But there is some peak gain.





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Lucky you as that Toolbox simply freezes my PC up.


I have tried running it from other HDD/OS and from within the SSD/OS to be updated added to the fact 5.06 never mind 5.06 has never been offered here.


Some claim you do not need updates but companies do now spend time and money writing updates for fun.

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