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Slider 3.0 freeze the MacbookPro at boot


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i have a brand new mac book pro and a 32gb usb stick :


Slider 3.0*:


Identifiant du produit: 0x1a06

Identifiant du fournisseur: 0x1b1c (CORSAIR MEMORY INC.)

Version: a.00

Numéro de série: 1100300000000164

Vitesse: Jusqu’à 5*Gb/s

Fabricant: Corsair

Identifiant de l’emplacement: 0x15100000 / 1

Courant disponible (mA): 900

Courant requis (mA): 126

Capacité: 32,09 Go (32*094*814*208 octets)

Support amovible: Oui

Disque amovible: Oui

Nom BSD: disk1

Type de carte de partition: GPT (Tableau de partition GUID)

État S.M.A.R.T.: Non géré



Capacité: 209,7 Mo (209*715*200 octets)

Nom BSD: disk1s1

Contenu: EFI


Capacité: 31,75 Go (31*750*840*320 octets)

Disponible: 31,63 Go (31*634*591*744 octets)

Inscriptible: Oui

Système de fichiers: HFS+ journalisé

Nom BSD: disk1s2

Point de montage: /Volumes/CORSAIR

Contenu: Apple_HFS

UUID du volume: 8B99225F-D3DB-3F83-8301-934B6D8E5F5D


The device work very well once my OS (mountain lion 10.8.5) is started.

Problem come with bootloader, if i plug the usb drive before the welcome sound of the mac, It hangs on a white screen.

I use the device on another Apple device (imac 27") and I notice the same behavior (white screen of death, no possibility of using option button to choose booting drive)

I suspect corsair brand incompatibility … or some lackness about uefi of the mac, i don't know whats going on other usb 2*16gb verbatim stick are working well at boot loading.


Do you have any idea for troubleshooting?



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