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No Responce on RMA

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What is going on, I submitted an RMA for defective SP120 PWM fans I purchased and its been a while now and I have received no response. I don't even know how to find my ticket number as I have no way of looking it up here. I purchased my fans from Fry's Electronics and it is past there return period. My fans work but are unable to be detected by my motherboard or any motherboard for that matter in my house. If the fans that you send out are fixed so the PWM works correctly then I'm fine with that, if not I want a refund, you cannot sell an item that does not work and expect me to be ok with it. When I have a problem with Noctua, I always get a response in 24 hours or less, and they are in Austria. After a week I expect some kind of response, this is ridiculous.:mad:

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