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Corsair Link 2.4.5065

RockNRoll Mullet

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I have uninstalled and rebooted and made sure no Corsair files were in Program Files & Program Files (x86). I installed v2.4.5506 and it work for a second then double Efficiency & Power graphs show up. I uninstalled v2.4.5506 and rebooted check for corsair files rebooted and installed v2.4.4948 and it also now has the Double Efficiency, Power, & PCIe are double. When I uninstall I answer yes to remove all software & Profiles but that does not make software install and show up right.






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You could also search in your TEMP map under users/yourname/appdata/local/temp if there is a trace of corsair and look at the roaming map also.

Sometimes some programs leave some maps there after installing.

If that don't helps, try to disconnect the usb link cable from your motherboard after removing corsair link software, reboot, install link, reboot, start link software and connect the link cable again to your motherboard.

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